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drawn in 20 min with OekakiBBS
Zappo (Aug 15, 2003)
[color:Black on Black]Poor,Poor Mr.Catapillar....Some day Perhaps, He will grow up to be a Beautifull ??tt?rfly.....[/color]
Zappo (Aug 15, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
_Neko_Sama_ (edited Aug 15, 2003)
Umm..... What?
Zazoriffic (edited Aug 15, 2003)
ooooooh, i gets's gunna give me nightmares -runs away-
Turtlebuster (edited Aug 15, 2003)
it says "Some day i'll be a X" where x is a picture of a butterflie (apparently, zappo ran out of room).
also... what is the text command to do that black highlighting? i don't know why you did it, but i want to know how you did it.... SPILL
Gothic_Otaku (edited Aug 15, 2003)
Hehe..poor indeed.
Marienkind (edited Aug 15, 2003)
[color:black on black]he did it like this.

we can't all be butterflies. i adore your little bug the way he is.
_Neko_Sama_ (edited Aug 15, 2003)
Some day I'll be a Beautifull Butterfly???
Zappo (edited Aug 15, 2003)
[color:Black on Black]Thanks Marien! I hope I dont start a trend[/color]
Aunvi (edited Aug 16, 2003)
[color=black on black] hehe too late Zappo nice pic...I never knew catipillars had teeth hmmm [/color]
Xodiak (edited Aug 16, 2003)
[color:Black on Black]H[/color][color:White on White]e[/color][color:Black on Black] [/color][color:White on White]l[/color][color:Black on Black]o[/color][color:White on White]o[/color][color:Black on Black]k[/color][color:White on White]s[/color][color:Black on Black] [/color][color:White on White]v[/color][color:Black on Black]e[/color][color:White on White]r[/color][color:Black on Black]y[/color][color:White on White] [/color][color:Black on Black]s[/color][color:White on White]e[/color][color:Black on Black]x[/color][color:White on White]y[/color][color:Black on Black]![/color][color:White on White]![/color][color:Black on Black]![/color]
Gothic_Otaku (edited Aug 17, 2003)
..................crazy Zod.
rogue__wolf (Jan 15, 2004)
why are there black stripes? please tell me that is normal.... :D:D:D:D:DXP
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