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drawn in 11 min with Lascaux Sketch
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marcello (Nov 8, 2006) — edit
marcello (Nov 8, 2006)
drawn in 11 min
Maiko (Nov 8, 2006)
hah, tard.

:) thanks.
lori (Nov 8, 2006)
:) cutesie Mai :)
Rukia (Nov 8, 2006)
Mai refuses to webcam >3
Oops. *runs away*
xiau (Nov 9, 2006)
Spend more time on your pictures! D:< Rar

But it is cute :'D (pets Mai)
Zinc (Nov 9, 2006)
this drawing screams showcase.
Kloxboy (edited Nov 9, 2006)
Is she trying to eat the chiar?? oO

Edit: Oh good God, that is a stool, oops.
Zeal (Nov 9, 2006)
this drawing screams showcase.

damn skippy
xiau (Nov 9, 2006)
Looking back on this, I'm tempted to set it as my desktop.

Sexy much, yes?
friend (edited Nov 9, 2006)
Were you normal when drawing this pic?
Anna (Jan 20, 2007)
lazy mai *pats*
Maiko (Jan 20, 2007)
I'm the king of lazy 83!!!!
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