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marcello (Aug 5, 2003) — edit
sux0rz at 100%, oh well. first pic with me new 6x8
marcello (Aug 5, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
method3 (edited Aug 5, 2003)
this is a freaky blork.
Marienkind (edited Aug 5, 2003)
6x8 tablet?
Xodiak (edited Aug 5, 2003)
Very sexy alien! >:D
Turtlebuster (edited Aug 5, 2003)
XOD!! you've been away so long i was worried you had been arrested for eating various living objects!
nobody likes smiling aliens more than i do :D
raenboe (edited Aug 6, 2003)
It's cool! Good job! I thought XOD had left too!
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