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drawn in 53 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
GermanFeet (May 30, 2006)
OK. This is in a more realism-ish style. I got tired of doing it so his hands and shoulders are half-assed. But yes, I LOVE LOVE Kakashi, like LOVE him. I have this pin of him that I wear every single day. I wish he would take his mask off. *sigh* Hatake Kakashi (c) Masashi Kishimoto. <3
GermanFeet (May 30, 2006)
drawn in 53 min
Prettylilies (May 30, 2006)
Nice hair o.o. I love his clothes.
broken-lock14 (May 30, 2006)
Oh hooooo~~~<33 My seme (+ son XD;;; ) does this awesome Kakashi voice that is to die for. =^*D*^= I'm like "Should I take my pants off now?" everytime he does it. X0 BUT YES. *cough* I'm in love with those skintones and that expression. =^@q@^= I just want to smother him with loveeeeee~~
Rosie_rox101 (May 30, 2006)
cool but i dont LOVE him, he's no where near symmmetrical!!!!! hahahahaha, one side is happy and the other wrecked, so.... and the nose is a bit off but its better than anything i could have done at least with the mouse
do you have a mouse or a pad thingy?
GermanFeet (May 31, 2006)
Well, I was trying to make it look like one side was smushed up. Thanks for that. Geez.
Expendable-Studios (May 31, 2006)
do you actually have german feet?
Zeal (May 31, 2006)
Hey.. Rosie.. This is a lot better than what you can draw : ) You put your hand on your cheek like that and see what happens to your face : ) It does the same thing :)
To German : I luffers the way you shaped the face,Luffers the coloring, And I like the way you did the hands and stuff.. I also like how realistic the pose is : ) Don't let them get you down : )
GermanFeet (May 31, 2006)
Expendable-Studios-- Yes, I do have german feet, considering I'm German. So yeah. ^_^
Thanks so much for the compliment Zeal. *hugs*
Sasuke-fan-Sapphire (May 31, 2006)
cool. I love the style and the hair looks really cool.
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