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drawn in 7 min with PaintBBS
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marcello (May 8, 2006) — edit
drawing on my pda, who woulda thunk...
marcello (May 8, 2006)
drawn in 7 min
LisaAnne (May 8, 2006)
I'm not certain of what this is, but reminds me of an eye....maybe fear.
mikron (edited May 13, 2006)
Nahhh... its the second after you look at the flash of the camera, and you see the lense...
Noremac (May 23, 2006)
peacock's feather
hi1022 (May 24, 2006)
Looks like a swirling vortex of doom!!
...or Pleakly(from Lilo and Stitch) getting sick.
I like the vortex better.
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