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drawn in 1 hour 29 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
absolutindigo (Feb 1, 2006)
just some girls showing... hehe
absolutindigo (Feb 1, 2006)
drawn in 46 min
kristine (edited Feb 1, 2006)
what the heck happened to the second girl's lower half?! i like the third one.
thesolarwinds (Feb 5, 2006)
so their looks are their skills?
Zack (Feb 5, 2006)
I'm not impressed by butt skills as much as ninja skills.
absolutindigo (Feb 28, 2006)
drawn in 42 min
MelissaMissy (Mar 17, 2006)
like the 2nd's clothes but her body is outta shape a bit.
love ya drawing though!
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