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marcello (edited May 29, 2002)
I've made a couple updates to the board displaying system, plus I've added support for user boards. Basically this creates a private board of each user for seeing selective user works.

To view a user board, click 'view user board' at the bottom of each user profile. You can also click 'view' on the members list page

You can now sort boards by edit to see the most recently edited entries.

I've also modified how 2draw caches pages, this will prevent 2draw from reloading every page if you press forward/back on your browser.
This makes for faster loading times, but on the down side you may have to 'reload' to see new entries. Let me know if this causes problems for anyone.

I think I'll also say that if you know anyone who might be interested in 2draw, it would be great if you could spread the word! The more good artists there are, the more interesting the site will be for everyone! Ok!? Yes! It's great! ;-)
Xodiak (edited May 29, 2002)
yes! 2draw is great! and everyone should draw more adult drawings! draw now! >:D
marcello (edited May 30, 2002)
Do you think I should put a link to each user board next to user links? Like (ub) next to user links... Or maybe as an option to enable/disable...


Oh and maybe something like a drop down menu with 'profile', 'user board', 'send memo' as each item...
Sjekkie (edited Jun 1, 2002)
this is a cool option!
marcello (edited Jun 1, 2002)
Ok I've add the popup menus thingy! You can switch between the old style, the (bm) mini-links or the javascript popup (default at the moment).
LightBen (edited Jun 6, 2002)
I think the javascript popup is great ! :)
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