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drawn in 5 hours 44 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
SYTHE (Dec 1, 2005)
One of the hottest women in Hollywood. Used an ad for her new movie as a referance.
SYTHE (Dec 1, 2005)
drawn in 5 hours 44 min
Kloxboy (Dec 1, 2005)
Most rocking. Almost has a vector art look to it.
davincipoppalag (Dec 1, 2005)
What's the vector ,Victor? THis is really good. I love the eye color and everything you did here. (Plus she's a favorite actress..) Great work
mx (Dec 1, 2005)
yeah....and shes from my country....NICE cold colour usage here
Punky (Dec 2, 2005)
I love how you draw faces. :) The eyes and the hair are so pretty. Anyways, great job, this is gorgeous.
friend (Dec 2, 2005)
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas and great drawing!
marcello (Dec 2, 2005)
Indeed most rocking. her right cheek seems a bit off, but you hardly notice it
Noremac (Dec 2, 2005)
im kinda pissed that they are making an aeonflux live action movie though :\ i liked the cartoon, i remember watching it on liquid TV.
staci (Dec 2, 2005)
yeah it doesnt seem like aeonflux would work as a live action AT ALL..but we shall see.

amazing art :)
marini135 (Dec 2, 2005)
i really wanna do my drawing like that..WOW!
SYTHE (Dec 2, 2005)
Noremac I totally agree, you cant just completely change something and expect people to be receptive. Marini 135 I'm glad that I could inspire you. Thanks all!!
kristine (Dec 2, 2005)
i like her lips :(
inatyrb (Dec 2, 2005)
I never saw the cartoon, so i can't really say anything about it. I think i would've watched it though. Plus, the movie has a million and a half more clothes on her than the cartoon, which is kinda funny I think. I think you did a great job!
nekodesu (Dec 2, 2005)
I really like this one :)
And congrats on the showcase.
woah_pockster (Dec 2, 2005)
woo hoo showcase :D <33 baurtiful mr. :]
TaCO (Dec 2, 2005)
The cartoon was truly awesome!!!!
These kind of Movies suck they just want to make money off an established name.
I'm still mad about spiderman:(
Punky (Dec 3, 2005)
Congrats on the well deserved showcase! :]
Kloxboy (Dec 4, 2005)
She's pretty cute, even when she's smoking apple bongs.
angel_of_darkness (Dec 8, 2005)
oh wow that is so f***ing good
JK-Arts (Dec 18, 2005)
that girl is so hot.
Miss_DJ (Jan 30, 2007)
absolutely loveable actress and pic..great job on this Sythe! love the colors!
JillJJ (Feb 9, 2007)
This both amazing and beautiful, You are incredibly talented! Your colors and shading are well chosen, 2 colors and such a result!
floundernator (Oct 6, 2010)
SilveryChan (Apr 9, 2011)
I love the colors! *-*
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