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Eggie (Jun 11, 2003)
Turkey girl was great, Sonic is always cool but I'm not sure I could handle a Mickey Mouse fad...please God; Don't let it come to pass!

On an entirely unrelated note; I had an Art exam today and methinks I did quite well, not as well as I did on this picture, though. I mean look at it, LOOK AT IT!
Eggie (Jun 11, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Zinc (edited Jun 11, 2003)
This itself is going to start off the 'kill Mickey Mouse' fad. I didn't mean to start crap. Hotaru-chan can't even spell my name right. o.o'''
- $
P.S. Funny pic. o.o'' -pokes his eye-
Xodiak (edited Jun 11, 2003)
I wish there was a fad about sexual drawings... >:)
Eggie (edited Jun 11, 2003)
Kill Mickey fad? That sounds good!
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