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cherikit-chan (Jun 1, 2003)
I haven't been having a good drawing streak of late and just a couple of days I had a fever of 1o4.3 degrees... I nearly went into a coma... plus I just found out I had pnemonia... but I'm on medication feeling better than ever and for the first time in probably a long time I feel good about one of my pics... so I guess everything's turning out alright... just a word of thanks to all the members out there who helped make me feel at home here... thanks...
cherikit-chan (Jun 1, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
marcello (edited Jun 1, 2003)
looks good, and I wish you a full recovery!
cherikit-chan (edited Jun 1, 2003)
thanks a lot Marcello, I really appreciate that...
Tesia-chan (edited Jun 1, 2003)
Aw, cute. nice picture,and I hope you get all better-ified soon!
furyofroy (edited Jun 1, 2003)
Wow...coma?? jeez...Hope you get better. And nice pic!
cherikit-chan (edited Jun 2, 2003)
thank-you all... it's nice to know people out there still care...
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