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drawn in 40 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
pikagirl (Sep 22, 2005)
Just a picture of Ichigo from Mew Mew Power...not very great, but it's the best picture of a person I least a Japanese character. Just got hooked on the cartoon. It didn't really take 40 min., I had to leave the computer.
pikagirl (Sep 22, 2005)
drawn in 40 min
xiau (Sep 22, 2005)
Mew Mew Power needs to burn. Tokyo Mew Mew is good, though. Is that what you meant?

Cute picture, I love TMM.
pikagirl (Sep 22, 2005)
Umm, yeah I guess, whats the difference?
xiau (Sep 22, 2005)
Mew Mew Power is the sucky American dubbed one. And I can't stand it. Mew "Zoey's" voice makes me want to hurt people.
DrsFan (Dec 24, 2005)
i love this picture.your real good!
whitebunny1063 (Jan 22, 2006)
I don't mind hearing the cartoon in Portuguese.
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