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watch animation - 200% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
15grifficorntears (Aug 30, 2005)
Until next we meet!
15grifficorntears (Aug 30, 2005)
drawn in 37 min
Shanghai (Aug 30, 2005)
*pounces it*

I like the strong primary colors~
15grifficorntears (Aug 30, 2005)
the background is like the german flag all red, yellow, and blackish.
KH44N (edited Aug 30, 2005)
This is really nice. I like the hair sticking up, it looks cool. Nice work. ^__^
triple_six_mafia (Aug 30, 2005)
nice pixel art man i like it alot!
renire (Aug 31, 2005)
If you highlight it, it looks like a girl.
15grifficorntears (Aug 31, 2005)
blah...I am a girl, that is me, a girl......just to get things strait, pixel art is hard men.
Noremac (Sep 25, 2005)
its ok, i would still hump you if you were a man... or the other way around really..
15grifficorntears (Sep 29, 2005)
yeah, you would SO be my bitch.
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