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drawn in 1 hour 23 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Kasha (Aug 9, 2005)
I hate portraits.
Kasha (Aug 9, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 23 min
me007 (Aug 9, 2005)
omg so fricking cool Kasha! Gaah I love your style so much. You can make barf brown and make it beautiful, its insain! hah great work as always :D
Xodiak (Aug 9, 2005)
Very beautiful Miss Kasie! I love the beautiful colours and lineart... The parallel lines on the hair also add a very artistic texture to it. Gorgeous art! >:)
safescene (Aug 9, 2005)
But why? You draw them so wonderfully!
sincity (Aug 9, 2005)
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Did I mention this was Awesome? :}
Kloxboy (Aug 9, 2005)
That's like saying "Portraits suck...that's why it's all I care to do." haha.
Another beautiful piece, nice color scheme.
davincipoppalag (Aug 9, 2005)
Yea..and I hate airplanes, and ships. Does the hand look a little wierd,..I dunno..kinda "bendy" ? Probably just me.
Kloxboy (Aug 9, 2005)
I think you're right Dave. I think Kasha knows there are a couple imperfections in this piece, thus she said "I hate portraits". By making that statement she disassociates herself with this drawing and implies "this is not my best effort". Many artists on 2Draw use such backtracking statements to communicate that they're better artists than the art they've submitted, such as "I can do better than this" or "This is just a sketch" or "I can't draw eyes" or in this case "I hate portraits".

"Newcomers" make excuses all the time because they don't know anyone in the 2Draw community, they're vulnerable to nasty critiques and observations. Newcomers immediately try to save face when they submit bad drawings, they do this until they're accepted by the group and can let mistakes go without excuses. Kasha is definitely accepted among many artists in the 2Draw community but her work is at a more advanced level so when she submits work that doesn't meet her standards (or ours), she can't help but to make an excuse to save face.
Kasha (Aug 9, 2005)
Thank you guys. Hahah I dunno about saving face though, lol. I admit this picture is shitty to me. It's not even Advanced quality and it was going to become one of the dozens that didn't make it to 2draw. I told myself "I'll delete it in the morning" because I feel bad for submitting something I don't have feelings for (lol). I really am sick of portraits though. The canvas on 2draw are so damn small to me I really can't draw anything else but portraits. I'm used to drawing on HUGE bristol paper so it's no wonder why it's hard for me to draw on a tiny canvas. Maybe I'll try something on the EB board because they have nice big canvas there <3

anyways, thanks for the comments, I wasn't expecting them lol. The hand does look bendy! This person has bendy hands.
hideyourface (Aug 9, 2005)
Hands are definitely one of the hardest parts of the body to draw properly. I've always relied on my talent to just copy a picture from what I see but lately I've been looking at loomis books on anatomy and they've helped a lot with understanding the bone structure.

The whole thingy is pretty sketchy and there are little imperfections, but I like the background colours and the green on the skin. The darker spots could be darker though.
Kloxboy (Aug 9, 2005)
No worries Kasha. It's somewhat of an involuntary action.
Self-preservation is nothing to be ashamed of.
Kasha (Aug 9, 2005)
I'm scared nobody will like me on 2draw. ;_;

my life is over.
Kloxboy (Aug 9, 2005)
Don't worry Kasha, I still like you. Although, you kinda suck.
zep (Aug 9, 2005)
yeah kinda suck....suck my brain with every pic...i like you too Kasha :)
emmamommalag (Aug 9, 2005)
The hand looks fine to me. Her fingers would be bent if she held her jaw with them like that. It's a very nice pic all around.
Kloxboy (Aug 9, 2005)
Fuck you raise.hell.xiii :)
hideyourface (Aug 9, 2005)
raise.hell's comment disappeared :o
LisaAnne (Aug 9, 2005)
Very nice...I haven't seen anyone use green as shadow before...and I have to say I like it. I also like how your work on here is translated in a sort of physical way...if that makes sense. ("Painterly" I suppose is a better word)
hideyourface (Aug 10, 2005)
you mean it looks like it's done with real brushes.
solve (Aug 10, 2005)
imprefections or not, you once again make something so beautiful kasah! youre a color master, using uniqye shades to produce wonderul work. not to mention the always amazing feeling your work contains. also, back on imperfections, theres something so much more preferable and natural to me if it has such. perfection within its boundaires of imperfection. lovely work as always :D
Zack (Aug 11, 2005)
Those greens make this my favorite picture from among the last ten pages of the recent.
Kasha (Aug 11, 2005)
Thank you solve :) I agree, not everything has to be perfect to be liked. I think imperfections add character :)

Thank you Zack! Green is my favorite color
Xodiak (Aug 11, 2005)
I wish my best work was half as beautiful as this drawing! <:)
Kasha (Aug 11, 2005)
Xod, your sarcasm hurts me.

anyways, your best is beyond beautiful.
Kentai12 (Aug 19, 2008)
lol i see you had some trouble with the background, it turned out fantastic
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