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drawn in 28 min with OekakiBBS
Dancing Nancy
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concannon (May 23, 2003) — edit
Dragon that resembles a goat. *shrug* Highly stylized. Ye-ah. Lack of effort.
concannon (May 23, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Shiek (edited May 23, 2003)
I love it XD Dragons are t3h 4w3s0m3 :3 Especially those that take after mini-livestock.
taori (edited May 23, 2003)
Lack of effort or not, it's still darn cool...looks like one of those Greek monsters, you know, the mythical ones?
Zinc (edited May 23, 2003)
That's cool..
- $
quintessence (edited May 23, 2003)
...goats scare me. Dragons are purdy, though. I like his ear thingies. ^^
Tesia-chan (edited May 24, 2003)
WOWOW. This is SO cool. Hee. I love it.
darkk_angel (edited May 24, 2003)
fascinating! i like the idea, man... a goat dragon hybrid... heheheh good tasty meat... lalalal
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