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drawn in 1 hour 25 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
TheCrimsonKing (Aug 2, 2005)
So, I got back from the bar...and decided to draw. There aren't many who go to bars on Monday nights..I'm glad I'm one of them. Actually I'm not(glad).
TheCrimsonKing (Aug 2, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 25 min
Kloxboy (Aug 2, 2005)
Dude, there is a quality to this that makes it so very special. You're aces! I like this very much.
Xodiak (Aug 2, 2005)
I like the highlights on the red skin, it is a bit hard to draw highlights on red! Very beautiful girl, her lips are so pretty, awesome work! <:)
safescene (Aug 2, 2005)
Yeah, this is great. Interesting style, like always. And her eyes look so watery...

Someone you met?
solve (Aug 2, 2005)
could this be anymore perfect????
goddamn youre a talented sonovabitch. the colors, her expression, the form of her facial anatomy...
so impressive.
fleeting_memory (Aug 2, 2005)
very nice bold reds. Great contrast to the black hair surrounding her. She looks so tire lol, was she at the bar too?
HunterKiller_ (Aug 2, 2005)
A little less ecentric than your usual but still fantastic. A Crimson Queen for the Crimson King. XD
davincipoppalag (Aug 2, 2005)
This is quite a bit different from your usual fare. The eyes are what grab my attention most. They have a sort of exhausted , annoyed, questioning look to someone who has had enough, and doesn't want to deal anymore , yet is still hopeful that..this time..might be different.
sincity (Aug 2, 2005)
This is one great piece of work. :}
DarkHorses (Aug 2, 2005)
wow, nice....cant stop looking at it!
Moosh (Aug 2, 2005)
The eyes are killer, they look very glassy. The shading on the nose rocks as well. Excellent drawing.
Anna (Aug 3, 2005)
Joe for President! You are simply awesome.
monkey_says (Aug 3, 2005)
whoa. >_O

I like it. it has... sarcasm! she looks like she's saying "bite me!" to her english proffessor.
quintessence (Aug 3, 2005)
Could I love your art more? :o

No, I couldn't. Sexy like whoa.
col.jalloppe (Jun 11, 2006)
good blending of reds they worked out perfectly together
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