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watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 30 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
JK-Arts (Jul 25, 2005)
JK-Arts (Jul 25, 2005)
drawn in 22 min
RawrTeddy (Jul 25, 2005)
that freaked me out when i saw it!
cuz thats my name!
i was like HUH!?
it's a very creepy picture
n.n; er.. good job!
im probaly gonna have nightmares about this XD;
JK-Arts (Jul 25, 2005)
Nightmars eh Can i be in them????? please
Fulgore (Jul 25, 2005)
This isnt Intermidiate material (trust me i've seen some pictures like it in begginer) but dont worry i'm not being a hypocrite i never draw here i am saying that the requirements havent been met at all sorry but yea either way nice picture ask em to move it to begginer so it isnt deleted
JK-Arts (edited Jul 25, 2005)
drawn in 8 min
Fulg i know i posted alot of the stuff like this in beginner board. and few times peoples have said, that it was better then a beginners quality so i figuared i'd try posting some here.
Loogie (Jul 25, 2005)
It's like the spoofy-comic review thing in MAD mag. I can't believe I read it, it's gotten so lame lately.
p3ndragon (Jul 25, 2005)
Some of your other stuff, is good, but I think this belongs on the beginner board.
Perhaps you should cut down on the textures? o_O
Um.. Maybe.. uh...
*runs away*
JK-Arts (Jul 25, 2005)
it is the spoofy comic thing from the mad but i added a nneck and some shading. lol yea i sorta ran low on ideas wanted to drawl so i looked threw some my mad mags for ideas.
Shmoopy (Jul 26, 2005)
Drawl is a word, but... not in the artistic sense.
Fulgore (Jul 26, 2005)
okie dokie :D pretty cool tho :D no hard feelings
RawrTeddy (Jul 26, 2005)
why do you wanna be in my nightmares?
aren't they... bad?
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