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Ameraq (May 10, 2003)
*mumbles about crap pop-up ads* grrr.
Ameraq-sama is haunted by this film. *shudder* *cringe* ...the poor horses in it! *cries*
Ameraq (May 10, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Kazukie (edited May 10, 2003)
That's my least favorite part, it makes me cry every time! When the horse ran off the side and hit it's leg! ;____; And then the blood! AHH! *Hides under her bed*
marcello (edited May 10, 2003)
I never get popups ever...
Kazukie (edited May 10, 2003)
I get pop up's here every once in a while.. It's not the site though, it's probably something that was loaded into your computer or whatnot. *Shrug*
darkk_angel (edited May 10, 2003)
wow..... freeky.... love it..... yeah, the popup thing happened to me..... i havent seen the ring yet, but it is great based on my parents utter disgust.... hehehe.... they were sick when they came back from the theatre....
Kazukie (edited May 10, 2003)
Tell them it was just the pop-corn. *Nod* That movie was so wicked awsome! I must have seen it 14 times by now.
Xodiak (edited May 10, 2003)
pop ups are afraid of Marcello! >:D
marcello (edited May 10, 2003)
actually I just use mozilla, blocks popups
Ameraq (edited May 10, 2003)
Ack, now There's a parasite on my computer. DIE DIE DIE!!! *coughs politly* hehehehe, oops.
Mnemosyne (edited May 10, 2003)
You think that's bad? There's a parasite in me.
Teej (edited May 11, 2003)
Besides the fact that it rocks, it's crap.

Now that'll back your noodle.
Neko-Yasha_Yammy (edited May 14, 2003)
*shudders, screams* DAMN YOU SAMARA!
concannon (edited Jun 15, 2003)
Ohmyfreakinggodsdon'tdothat! *pants*

Beejeebus. X_x I drew a horse here somewhere after I saw The Ring. *pokes around*
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