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Eggie (May 7, 2003)
w00t! I just got me The Powerpuff Girls Movie on DVD and it Rox0rz!!
I love those lil' deformed Foetus'!
Eggie (May 7, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
UddinHel2 (edited May 7, 2003)
hehe, cute^.^
Eggie (edited May 8, 2003)
I suppose they're cute...if you find stumpy handed deformed clones cute... ;p
Mnemosyne (edited May 8, 2003)
Spooky! *hides under bed* *types with very long straw from beneath bed* The powerpuff girls want to grind my body up in a meat grinder and bury me in a shoebox in their basement. I know. They send it out in radiation laserbeams from their eyes. *nods* It's true.
Eggie (edited May 9, 2003)
Be silent! THEY CAN READ MINDS!!!!


And 2draw messages.
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