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vamp2 (May 26, 2005)
Well i would like for people to show how good they are by showing off there songs. I know not everyone is as good as everyone else but in this Fourm everybody is good. Your song can be 30words to 600 its just how your song is.

RazzDazz jr.
Maiko (May 26, 2005)
how do you "show" songs? ;\
I think songs are meant to be heard.
Alex-Cooper (edited May 26, 2005)
I make music, but don't write lyrics. They are unnecessary with the kind music I create.
Here's a link to the music I've made with my friend Kyle.
Not our best stuff, but it'll do for now. And yes, I do realize that there is no one listed in the band members by the name of Alex. Kyle can't get up off his ass and update the description.
P.S. It's better do download the songs. Especially Irish coffee, because the end, which get's cut off in the non dowloaded version, is the best part. And yes, we do just make up the music as we go along.
P.P.S. Who am I kidding? You people don't have the patience to listen to ten minute long songs. Damn you all.
TheCrimsonKing (May 27, 2005)
Why would you say that Alex. I (and I'm sure many others here) really enjoy listening to improvisational music. It's the only music I really enjoy listening to, and playing myself. But that doesn't mean I've listened to you and your friends work, I plan on it, but I'm sure it will be very interesting to listen to, if it at all reflects how you draw or the ideas you draw.
And for me, the longer the improv, the better.
Alex-Cooper (May 27, 2005)
Hmm. Do you play the bones, guitar, or other, CrimsonKing? As for my music reflecting my artwork, all I can say that I am usually drinking when drawing and making music. That's about all they have in common.
Fin_beast (May 27, 2005)
Here's a beat I made today. I adjusted the beat to match the tempo of an acapella by Wutang and put it over the top. The acapella is a bit crappy but I can't find any good ones.

If you want to hear any of my others. Go here.
TheCrimsonKing (edited May 27, 2005)
The drums Alex. I've never really had good creative results while drinking, but you certainly do.
Currently downloading "Irish Coffee"...
If you'd like to check out my musical work visit here: Bula Banaca.
I recommend Metropolis, or Spanish Chicken.
Alex-Cooper (May 28, 2005)
Heh. Drinking's just in my blood.
That's some good stuff. Sounds very much like what Tarrasque [the band Iím in] has evolved to. Except its a thousand time's less "doomy", and instead of having many members we only have two at a time and just add other things in post. But the jazz/groovyness/psychedelic methodology is very similar. Anyway, just sayin' I dig your beats.
By the way, would you happen to know what scales your band usually uses? Usually pentatonic blues here.
Ceido (edited May 28, 2005)
Your drums sound amazingly nice. Metropolis sounds cool. :) I am jealous. I want to play the drums.
Ever heard of Incubus? Metropolis reminds me of them.
Zack (edited May 28, 2005)
I mess around with music a bit too. Most of the time I play improv keyboard (which I only record on very rare occasions), but I also do some crappy pseudo-techno with music trackers.

Here's my downloads list at the moment. "Mocha Espresso" is probably my best.

edit: btw, the beats are original; no drumloops were used in the making of this music. toasty music is an environmentally friendly group.
TheCrimsonKing (May 28, 2005)
Alex, we usually play in major or minor scales, and occasionally blues minor/major. We were "fooling" around in superlocrian double flat 7 mode last practice. And I'm glad you like the music.
Ceido7, yea I certainly heard of Incubus, I listen to them also. We share some musical qualities, though I believe that's because we have similar influences..but not nearly as much skill.
Zack, I had a chance to listen to "Mocha Espresso". I think you could make some really cool game music (or was that what you already had in mind?). I really like the piece overall, reminded me a lot of car chase music. I'll have to check by often.
Alex-Cooper (May 29, 2005)
Thanks for the info, Crim. Sort of sounded like that from what I heard, but Iím still fairly new to the scales, so it was difficult to tell.
I hate you Zack. If you made a cd I would have to buy it. And that's like ten to twenty bucks out of my pocket! I don't have that kind of money! Who do I look like to you? Scrooge McFreakingDuck?
Kloxboy (edited May 30, 2005)
Alex: Those are cool tunes. Irish Coffee is pretty cool, it gave me visions of a business man on his way to the office, all drunk and depressed.

Zack: Excellent work, nice site. I really like Improv #2, very nice, it's a real pain killer. What type of emotions would you say you're conveying with that piece?

TheCrimsonKing: Those bands remind me of SquarePusher, good stuff. I like the "Air Cover", interesting. AIR is one of my favorite bands/musicians of all time.
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