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Shanghai (edited May 4, 2005)
When was the last time you feel like you actually improved in your art noticeably? Whether it was over a period of weeks or months or if one day you woke up and found yourself looking at a breakthrough, what was that improvement and how did it make you feel?

I feel like I've been improving a lot over the past couple months since I joined this site (mostly since I've actually been making art more often and have been more motivated) and just recently I've been improving in certain techniques with the applets. Right now I can hardly wait to get home and try out some of these new techniques and, more importantly, to push myself to make more challenging drawings. Of course art is about more than technique, but with the techniques more firmly learned I can focus more on making the artwork and not have to worry so much about figuring out how to draw proportions or how to make good lighting, for example.

Sometimes I go a year or more without seeing any difference in the things I make, and that's kind of dissappointing to see.
15grifficorntears (May 4, 2005)
My art unfortunately has hit a flat spot, but it may be due to the fact I havn't been drawing much lately. My last improvement was about 6 months ago, when started to expand to drawing humans and more resently, realistic animals. Plus my lack of consistency regarding styles dosn't leave me much room to improve.
Shanghai (May 4, 2005)
I feel like, except for a couple good paintings, I was in a flat spot for years until recently. I'm determined to improve though.
Chiyo-chan (May 4, 2005)
I am having trouble just starting a sketch so I guess I could say the same. I'm afraif of whats going to become of it. :\
Shanghai (May 4, 2005)
I used to feel like that for a long time too, and if I hadn't I'd probably be a few years better than what I am now and probably wouldn't be looking at people 4 or 6 years younger making better art than me. I don't think anyone can improve if they don't do at least something though, and that's why it's only been recently that I'm starting to get better.
Knockoff (May 4, 2005)
Traditional wise, i'm improving every day.
TaCO (edited May 4, 2005)
I get better every day.
3years ago I could barley draw a stick man out my head.
I need art classes. I only had one art class.
friend (May 4, 2005)
Oh, last week i new i improved baby, oh, ya!
Shanghai (May 4, 2005)
I thought I improved but now that I'm home I'm still doing the same crap as before. I keep restarting this one picture and I can't seem to get it right.
HunterKiller_ (May 6, 2005)
A long long time ago...
Cordelia_Pink (edited May 7, 2005)
It improved probably 3 days ago when I was finishing up my portfolio... What a relief. Finally I'm done.

What was I trying to improve? Oh just trying to improve a cool surreal landscape but then it ended up looking more of a fantasy. It had an ice cream scooper elf and an ice cream cone/tree with a cherry on top with a butterfly-winged-worm coming out of it. hehe That was my last piece. I don't think the theme was ice cream 'cause I added in a vase behind it with a flower that squirts out butterfly-winged-worms.
finalfairy383 (May 7, 2005)
I don't know how to improve i suck at this stuff but i love drawing all the same.
TheCrimsonKing (May 7, 2005)
That is crazy cordelia, wow, strange piece. I think I'd like to see that.
sincity (May 7, 2005)
Eh Can't remember when. Around 5 years old I think. :} HA!
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