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inatyrb (edited Apr 9, 2005)
Hey. I drew this picture and I asked this one person to help me with it. They said yes, but it has been months and still no process has been made. I even memoed him asking for help; I have no been memoed back. Anyways.. I have an idea for this picture, and I am asking someone who can do creepy realistic, or someone that thinks that they can do it to help. If you want to help me please post or memo me. This would be really appreciated!

Meh Picta

Oh, and If you want to make any changes on the picture, of course talk to me first but those changes you can probably make! mkay! ^^
Shanghai (Apr 9, 2005)
I could do it.
inatyrb (Apr 11, 2005)
Ok... Well I'll memo you then... ^^
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