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watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 50 min with PaintBBS
Kazukie (Feb 13, 2005)
A little sketchy... I might go back and touch some things up.. Not sure as of right now. .__.
[ PS I'm back. =P ]
Kazukie (Feb 13, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 50 min
Knockoff (Feb 13, 2005)
Hmm, <3. Yes, practice practice practice. This is good. Small canvas size, though. Oh, but you used paintbbs, so it doesn't matter. Anddd, I actually think you could have more shading on the face, but, it looks good.
Deads (Feb 13, 2005)
Mmmm. I really like the hair. And PaintBBS rocks. *eats your practice*
Kazukie (Feb 13, 2005)
Well I remember having a conversation with Marcello about boring canvas sizes, so I used the random one. :P
And I agree with you on the skintone thing, guess I got a little excited and didn't finish some things, heh. I shall do better next time!!!!
-hugs knockoff. <3
Knockoff (Feb 13, 2005)
Mm, yes. Atleast its not a boring canvas size. :P
We should do a collab sometime. ;P Yah' know...... :D
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