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drawn in 1 day 2 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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6 hours 2 min
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1 hour 41 min
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18 hours
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 22, 2005)
too many distractions... anyhow, just a little sketch... i was getting in the vibe of drawing something with miscellaneous characters placed anywhere on the page lol

Cordelia_Pink (Jan 22, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 56 min
emmamommalag (Jan 22, 2005)
I like it so far. Pretty rose and nice characters. :)
DieChan (Jan 22, 2005)
Oh... that's pretty. I like the rose, and the kids in the tree and the city are cool. I want to see this one finished.
StrawberryYamichan (Jan 23, 2005)
This is so beautiful
nozomii (Jan 23, 2005)
drawn in 32 min
Yea well... I'm pretty much lost in this. I dunno what to do to not ruin the pic. So i just stopped.
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 23, 2005)
You did pretty good filling in the rose and the leaves. Don't worry, Paul's gonna help too. lol
pulmonq2 (Jan 23, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 38 min
run with this bg :P
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 23, 2005)
You erased my little cityscape sketch on the bottom... -_- At first I thought you drew over my rose but it's ok you can always do some layers ontop of it. hehe
pulmonq2 (Jan 23, 2005)
Yes I did. Are you going to cry? Muhahahahaaa!!! >;D
nozomii (Jan 24, 2005)
drawn in 50 min
Redid the color on the rose. I guess it looks better now. Most of the time i spent looking for a fairy reference to sketch, but suddenly it hit me.. i can't sketch... :((
pulmonq2 (edited Jan 24, 2005)
drawn in 4 min
re-ordered the layers and undid a bunch of stuff to try and reduce size (which failed I see..)
nozomii (edited Jan 24, 2005)
Ok, i didnt mean for that river to show up. It's Paul's fault. >:

Lol and sweetie... you made it bigger... *pats his head* :P
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 24, 2005)
good work guys!! ^_^ The rose looks better now, Vera.
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 24, 2005)
drawn in 52 min
Fixed the branches.
nozomii (Jan 24, 2005)
Love the branches. Again i feel like i dont belong in this, i cant do anythig as realistic, and beautiful as that.
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 24, 2005)
lol it's only one branch. Vera, see if you can do some coloring on Paul's background. lol I'm sure he won't mind. I'll let you even do some work on the other 2 branches. ^_^ Or even start coloring the people. Just color it like how you colored your 'Shinji' drawing. If you could do that to the rose, you could do it to some areas of the picture. You're doing good so far.
nozomii (edited Jan 24, 2005)
Its only a branch yea. One i could not possibly do as good as you did. So no way i'm touching that. Now the coloring... I'll see what i can do. I tried to do the river, like u see. And it wasnt supposed to show up, but Paul made me the favor of making it show >: I'll retouch that.
Cordelia_Pink (edited Jan 24, 2005)
Here's a river pic.
pulmonq2 (edited Jan 24, 2005)
Christy in the first place, the drawing is not of a river, it's a lil creek, or stream. Second, the image links you give don't work most of the time because of linking from outside their sites. And when I was able to glance at them, I personally didn't derrive much assistence from them... *shrug*
Cherry (Jan 25, 2005)
Oh thats soo pretty! I really can't wait to see this all done.
pulmonq2 (edited Jan 26, 2005)
drawn in 16 min
If no one's gonna work on this, I will! hmph! Last call!
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 26, 2005)
drawn in 47 min
Holy schniza! It's almost at the end of the limit. Well, I couldn't help it. I finished all the branches and no one put any color on this side so I made it with grass. hehe Well, um paul, I hope you and vera pick one to work on right away! lol
pulmonq2 (Jan 27, 2005)
did you dodge any of that? cause that would be why. :P
Cordelia_Pink (edited Jan 27, 2005)
This picture doesn't exactly call out "You complete me" then, eh? Ah, I'm not gonna bother with it. I'll let you two finish it 'cause I'm sure you two will be in rage if I do anything on that areas you already worked on. And yes, I did dodge the grass. Sorry it took so much space.
pulmonq2 (Jan 27, 2005)
I hate how dodge uses alot of space too Christy, cause I like using it as well, but now we have very little room with which to work and must tread carefully from now on... and something needs to be done about that bottom branch. It doesn't really look like a branch anymore -- it looks like the grass, lol, not to mention that it seems to have spotted yellow fever (the left branch is really good though).
pulmonq2 (Jan 27, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 38 min
nozomii (Feb 4, 2005)
what do i do now, what do i do now? *jumps around*
pulmonq2 (Feb 4, 2005)
lol! *grabs her and pulls her down*
nozomii (edited Feb 5, 2005)
lol honey, you still haven't answered. Miss Christy...?

Cause well, i'd mess around, but i dont really know what belongs to who.
pulmonq2 (Feb 10, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 18 min
nozomii (Feb 11, 2005)
drawn in 18 min
oh it saved. It froze while i was uploading, so i thought i had lost it.
pulmonq2 (Feb 13, 2005)
drawn in 32 min
Christy! Get us more space :( It's coming along nicely now though, don't ya think?

Christy you are in charge of your characters, of course. And you may do the path (behind the boy), including the tree line on the left side and such. You also have your branches. Try to match the right branch to the left more so, as the left is great. I tweaked the small branch a bit, but it's still yours if you like (or I can just try to match it to however you finish the large branches). I'd like to attempt polishing the flower, and I've got the grass on my side, plus the middle 3-4 trees, and the water (which is pretty much done). Vera, sweetie, see if you can add some more detail to the large oak --little highlights and shadows in the bark, though it looks very nice as it is.

I think that rose is gonna steal the show, heh. It's like the centerpiece of the whole thing. I'm really liking how this is starting to turn out. :) I wasn't so sure when we first started, but it is getting there! wtg all of us!
Cordelia_Pink (edited Feb 16, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 27 min
I did some touches on the grass, cleaned up a couple of lines, and obviously colored in the characters. (hehe, she looks like she's almost blended in with the water, which is why I made her look glowy.) I also did the pathway on the left side there. Vera, I think you can do the rest on right side. I added in a glow on the rose and if you don't like it, then just take it out. lol I dunno. I still think the rose needs a few more touchups like highlights on the petals on the very edge. This is looking pretty good, you guys. Shall I add in some circles next time? lol j/k
pulmonq2 (edited Feb 16, 2005)
You lay off the circles! *ahem* I assume you threw that glow on the rose as an afterthought, cause that's definitely not staying, lol. You did a good job on the path and the tree line. It seems a bit open with the trees so short like that, but hey, I still like it. There's something strange about the girl's clothing though...maybe how her shirt looks like the Jean material of her pants. lol. Sorry for sounding overly critical, but you know how I like to nit-pick on you :P And that glow u put around her.. I dunno about that. All in all however, it's good work. I'll see when I can add more to my areas, and hopefully Vera will try to do some more work as well.
davincipoppalag (Feb 16, 2005)
you guys work well together.. this is another great little fantasy world picture.
spiritdweller (edited Feb 16, 2005)
yay.. :) I love the little oriental person... sitting there maybe thinking something weird like "water is the reflection of life"... or something... I love 4:30 a.m. yup
Asridaein (Feb 17, 2005)
How beautiful, I love this. I always liked the concept of little people existing, ya know like the brownies and the borrowers.
Cordelia_Pink (Feb 17, 2005)
Oh yeah, I just realised that. The trees shorter than the ones on the right. lol (maybe you could make them as short, then? That way there'd be a balanced. OR just leave it as it is, shade the trees on the right and give it some spfx (but don't do anything to change my trees or else >: ) and let's just pretend that it's a surreal forest mixed with really small trees and really big ones. lol it's an illusion.

*chuckles at Asridaein's comment* "brownies", never heard of that one.
pulmonq2 (Feb 18, 2005)
lol Christy, I won't touch your trees. They look nice, even if they are small. And thanks all ;)
nozomii (Feb 18, 2005)
Aww this looks so cute. Unfortunally ican't work on it. Not sure if i would anyway. Looks pretty mush finished to me.
pulmonq2 (Feb 22, 2005)
After staring at it for a while, the girl's outfit just looks out of place to me. It would be better if we could lose the jean pants and jean top, leaving the leaf skirt and shoulders. We could keep the blue on the forearms though, and make them like gloves. Maybe a leaf bikini top? I think that would be more fitting. The glow on the rose needs to go as well. I'm not sure about the giant leaf over the boy's head... also looks out of place. And the grass is overlapping your girl's feet. Are you trying to pull an Escher? :P hehe. Yea I know, I need to hush and get to work on my areas. Well, I will, just gimme a lil time!
pulmonq2 (Mar 5, 2005)
drawn in 13 hours
nozomii (Mar 5, 2005)
*claps* Well done you guys.
Cordelia_Pink (edited Mar 5, 2005)
You did great on doing the touchups for all of them except I think you missed the tree on the right side or you decided to keep it that way (the lines need to be cleaned up--I thought vera was going to do that). Overall, it's great, peeeoooppplee! Yay us team!

[edit] I think you left this on for 13 hours, right? lol[/edit]
pulmonq2 (Mar 5, 2005)
I'm surprised I only used 200kb! lol. I was expecting alot more. The tree on the right is great already Christy. Vera colored it nicely and I just tried to emphasize a few shadows, and I did erase the lines over the door, if u didn't notice.

lol, and yes, I left this on all night because I was afraid it would go over if I submitted. I probably spent more like 1-2 hours on it. If I could do another revision, what I'd like to do is redo the rose's highlights, softer, more subtly, and paint a temple in the distance on a hill, visible through the right side. That would be cool :]
two-na (Mar 5, 2005)
this is really splendid work, congrats
nozomii (Mar 6, 2005)
Leave the temples alone...
StrawberryYamichan (Mar 6, 2005)
wow. you three make one heck of a collab! so cute and beautiful <3 aaw.
nozomii (Mar 6, 2005)
i hardly took any part in it. But uhh... ty anyway! :D
Sorrow_and_Suicide (Mar 6, 2005)
that is pretty nice job
DarkCloak (Mar 12, 2005)
Awesome collab, guys. I like this a lot.
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