boardsintermediateoh no we are doomed and i have one heckuva wedgie to boot
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drawn in 1 hour 17 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Crunchy Frog
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Snoozy27 (Jan 18, 2005) — edit
interplanetary exploration is SERIOUS BUSINESS
Snoozy27 (Jan 18, 2005)
drawn in 13 min
mukumuku (edited Jan 18, 2005)
ha! love the title. cant wait o see this one done, it looks great so far
solve (Jan 18, 2005)
this already has the makings of something great! i love it.
Zack (edited Jan 18, 2005)
I'm so glad Marcello is getting you to draw here again. Because your stuff rocks. Even if he was doing something like holding your pet ransom for pictures it'd be totally justifiable.

I was talking to Marcello the other day, and I was all, "hey fool. snoozy be seven kinds of crunk." and Marcello was like, "yeah man she up in the hizzy." and I was like, "word up son."
Snoozy27 (Jan 18, 2005)
drawn in 34 min
K-Dizzle (Jan 18, 2005)
I love the style to this...Can't wait to see you finish it up! :)
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jan 18, 2005)
The title of this and Zack's comment alone were great for a really good laugh.
davincipoppalag (Jan 18, 2005)
For sure. I'm loving these pictures.
Snoozy27 (Jan 20, 2005)
drawn in 28 min
the silly prancing fools don't even notice the giant fish hovering near them :(
IdentityOne (Jan 20, 2005)
Amazing. I especially love the little astronauts.
Kasha (Jan 20, 2005)
how....lovely! This reminds me of my 1st acid trip. How fun.
inatyrb (Jan 20, 2005)
Er.. Are you guys ok? I think we are all on an acid trip. Lol. Jk. Nice picture. Very interesting. ^^
Kasha (Jan 20, 2005)
...everything is funny!! and the tile on the floor is changing colors like a disco flooOOR!
concannon (Jan 21, 2005) this is even more awesome. Unbelievable.
Zack (Jan 21, 2005)
Ah, the celebrations.
sincity (Jan 21, 2005)
Wedgies always seem to come at the worst of times for sure. I strayed from acid, did a little but I figured the shit in my head needs to stay there. This is awesome and funny all at the same time.
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