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marcello (May 3, 2002) — edit
Quick little pseudo antialiased version of the sandstone theme logo.
marcello (May 3, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
LightBen (edited May 3, 2002)
Sandstone theme is really good, could we have a forest theme later ? ;) (or a cosmic theme ...)
Xodiak (edited May 3, 2002)
maybe we need a porn theme? <:)
marcello (edited May 3, 2002)
I don't think you need to be overstimulated xod... ;-)
ayame (edited May 4, 2002)
too much sex for you XOD.
or, is it that your not gettin any?!!
Xodiak (edited May 6, 2002)
im not getting any... from you! <:(
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