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drawn in 8 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Apr 6, 2003) — edit
Drawing with a trackpoint really sucks.
marcello (Apr 6, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
method3 (edited Apr 7, 2003)
i hafta add this... "nubbie."
Teej (edited Apr 7, 2003)
Totally agree.
Kazukie (edited Apr 7, 2003)
Tesia-chan (edited Apr 7, 2003)
Hehe. That's funny.
coffeejelly (edited Apr 9, 2003)
what's a trackpoint?
quintessence (edited Apr 12, 2003)
Never tried it, don't plan to. ^^
forgotten-memory (edited Apr 13, 2003)
did you draw this wit a trackpoint? 'cos if you did, that's really featherin' awesom
darkk_angel (edited Apr 18, 2003)
interesting drawing... but what is trackpiong... damn cant type i am too tired to think come back to it later
marcello (edited Apr 23, 2003)
though I doubt anyone is still looking at this post, this was drawn with a trackpoint, in fact, the one you see in this picture
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