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Dancing Nancy
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concannon (Mar 27, 2003) — edit
My mammilian dragon, Doe. Being inquiring. As she's got white fur with grey markings, I decided it needed color, and so got attacked by the halftone. Isn't she cute? Of course she is.
concannon (Mar 27, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
darkk_angel (edited Mar 28, 2003)
I really like the cat like quality to its eyes.... nice pic.
Maiko (edited Apr 2, 2003)
*steals it, and runs away, resulting in crashing into tree, getting a coconut dropped on her head, splitting her head open, and dying*
that is my RPG death ^___^
quintessence (edited Apr 2, 2003)
Yay for Doe. Hehe.
darkk_angel (edited Apr 3, 2003)
*laughs insanely* *random thought generator kicks in* *thinks darkk_angel needs to die* *darkk_angel dies* crap. i did it again!! i need a friggin band aid!! make that the whole box....
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