marcello (edited Apr 22, 2002)
Well, we've finally did it! 20 thousand hits! Thanks to everyone who has been to the site and I hope you've all enjoyed it so far.

I have several new features to announce. First of all, I've completed support for OekakiBBS 2! There are still glitches and kinks to work out. Currently this applet can only be used on the members board, but I will be adding several public boards shortly.
The site interface for this applet works essentially the same way as PaintBBS, minus some quirks in OekakiBBS' system. There seem to be some bugs with its animation system, and has a tendency to go whack.

If you are using a browser that supports navigation bars (such as mozilla 1.0), you can now access the basic site functions (switching pages, going to the site root, and so on).

Last of all, I have implemented a new 'smart' JPEG compression system. When necessary, 2draw will create JPEG versions of the PNG images. This has reduced 6 megabytes of PNG images to a mere 1.7 megabytes of JPEG. The PNG versions will remain intact, but simply hidden from viewers. I hope you will find that pages load faster now.
marcello (edited Apr 24, 2002)
Since no one is commenting, I'll just say: sounds cool!
dodo (edited Apr 24, 2002)
cool work dude!
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