boardsbeginner"Tommy stop poking the ugly girl!!"
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drawn in 9 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Maiko (Dec 4, 2004) — edit
haha i'm a freak XD
Maiko (Dec 4, 2004)
drawn in 9 min
demon666child (Dec 4, 2004)
hahahaha funny ^^ XD
Xodiak (Dec 4, 2004)
Mmmm... you look very sexy here miss Maiko... >;D
The drawing is very cute as well! >:)
bumpinthenight (Dec 4, 2004)
omg! so cute! both your ego and alter ego ^_^ hehe.... *molests mai* hehehehe... XD nice stick thing too :D
inatyrb (Dec 4, 2004)
hehe... very pretty!
Childlike_Vampire (Dec 4, 2004)
Yay it are teh Mai-ness! Cute drawring! *saves piccy to collection of Mai-stuff*

*innocent whistle* XD
WildMageDaine90 (Dec 4, 2004)
its really cute! ^.^

ILoveKenshin (Dec 4, 2004)
Aww, that's so cute! I love your style of drawing so much. ^^ You are not ugly!
Kenshin (Dec 4, 2004)
Yes, you are a pretty freak :D -pokes you with stick-
aznanime93 (Dec 5, 2004)
so cute!How about we all poke her lol!!(Cool pic!)
TaCO (Dec 5, 2004)
What ugly girl???? I see no ugly girl.
Maiko (Dec 5, 2004)
the ugly girl in the link i provided >_>; sheesh
TaCO (Dec 5, 2004)
But that girl is perrty.
davincipoppalag (Dec 5, 2004)
Go to your room,.you aint the LEAST BIT ugly! I told ya ..
aznanime93 (Dec 6, 2004)
umm its looks different with the other links u showed me (I didnt keep ur pic but i was browsing through ur art...)and ur pretty by the way but is it 2 different people?(I mean the PIC)
Maiko (Dec 6, 2004)
no o_o; i'm only one person.....but in this pic i changed my hair a bit, put the stupid lipring on, and put eyeshadow on :\
going for the Miyavi kinda look
Solvera (Dec 10, 2004)
LOL ^_^
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