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drawn in 1 hour 51 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
zep (Nov 17, 2004)
what´s the story...
zep (Nov 17, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 51 min
Anna (Nov 17, 2004)
Buen dibujo como siempre, zeppy :-))
spiritdweller (Nov 17, 2004)
the eyes stand out very well in this pic... hmm, what's the story.... something about Cats and Dogs? how cats rule and dogs drool?
Xodiak (edited Nov 17, 2004)
When I was very little I had this electronic clock with the bright red digital numbers on it near my bed. And if I stayed up late, I always tried to be in bed before the clock shows 0:00... in my fantasy, if I stayed up beyond 0:00 I would die! Actually, I knew it would not happen, but it was fun acting like it would. And if I could not fall into sleep by 23:59, I would close my eyes shut and cover all of my body under the sheets so I would not see the clock. And the strangest thing is that I had a nice, calm sleep... <:D

Awesome drawing Javier Lopez, I like the texture and the colours, composed of these many beautiful lines! Awesome! >:D
spiritdweller (Nov 17, 2004)
hehe... silly little Xod boy... a prodigy even then...
davincipoppalag (Nov 17, 2004)
Ok here's the story. The father has just been told that his oldest daughter is in love with a calf, and wants to run away to live with him , the mother is quietly supportive (since she has always been in love with her cat). This one is showcase to me's richly colored,expressive, and evocative. I love it all!
zep (Nov 18, 2004)
thanks a lot everybody...
Aubrey (Nov 19, 2004)
Such imagination.. and talent.. it's nice this picture made it to the showcase Zep but I still think all of your pictures belong in a gallery.
zep (Nov 20, 2004)
thanks to mods...
davincipoppalag (Oct 30, 2020)
needs to be upfront again
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