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drawn in 50 min with PaintBBS
coffeejelly (Feb 24, 2003)
her hair looks dull... it's all my fault X'D
chinese girls look better with black hair, haha :D
coffeejelly (Feb 24, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
marcello (edited Feb 24, 2003)
it's a great picture, but I'm not sure if she looks chinese, perhaps more hawaiian than anything
Knockoff (edited Feb 24, 2003)
Yes This is great. I agree mith marcello that it doesnt look like a chinese girl.
Kazukie (edited Feb 24, 2003)
Cuteee! I've seen one of your drawings before that looked a lot like this.. *Nod* Shouldn't there be a tad more white in her eyes? Just a suggestion =]
forgotten-memory (edited Feb 25, 2003)
nice background..yeah, you could have used a little highlighting in the hair and a little more white in the eyes....
but I love it anyway~!
Samwise (edited Feb 26, 2003)
That looks really neat. Sort of depressing if you look at it at one perspective but also really mysterious when you consider the way her lips are shaped.
Ari (edited Feb 28, 2003)
It looks real!!! It looks like a photo I saw once. I LOVE IT!!! :)
mauvemalady (edited Mar 5, 2003)
Love the expression. Lost in a world and not sure it's worth waking from.
misho1337 (Oct 27, 2003)
wow, this is great... her expression is very life-like!
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