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bumpinthenight (Aug 13, 2004)
Greetings, all... Does anyone want to do a collaboration with me? Anything goes... Seriously... You want me to color? I'll color... You want me to do the lineart? I'll do the lineart... You want me to draw one thing whilst you draw another? I'll do that too... I just want to get drawing again... :) Either memo me or reply here....
Pence (Aug 15, 2004)
I'd love to do a collab with you, but i'm afraid i'd screw it up.. ^_^;; ... and i haven't done a collab yet so it would be fun... unless someone has allready sent you a memo and your busy... oh well. I'd like to do one with you, if you have the time?
Anime_Girl (Sep 8, 2004)
I will!!!
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