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drawn in 51 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
TriggerHappy (Aug 3, 2004)
ehhh....reference photo used, but I'm too lazy to find it again.

and yes! I'm moving! in 3 days and I haven't finished packing yet. ugh...oh, and I'm moving to south carolina
TriggerHappy (Aug 3, 2004)
drawn in 51 min
saorren (Aug 3, 2004)
i recog the foto. man, this is great!! love the colours *__*
LovelyLori (Aug 3, 2004)
beautiful job TH, in very little time
emmamommalag (Aug 3, 2004)
This is a beauty! Great job, Trig. Good luck with your move. :)
davincipoppalag (Aug 4, 2004)
Hey nice froggy..terrific colors
starmarked (Aug 4, 2004)
I saw this earlyer this morning and forgot to come back an comment, I always like frog drawings :) I have a photo bookmarked for one day when I feel like I can draw it.
Gigge (Aug 7, 2004)
Yay, a frog. I love frogs. Well, I like toads more because they're not slimy. But, this froggy is adorable. Great vibrancy in this pic.
Ty854 (Aug 7, 2004)
*Surprised* Awesome, Trigger.
damnskippytakn-a-break (Aug 30, 2004)
I'm so ashamed as well I'm certain that all the above are. You do have talent and believe me sometimes viewing the pictures is a daily thing. I know that it takes at least an hour to review the latest pics from everyone! Sometimes I don't comment because I lack the words to say what doesn't sound phony! This frog is rellay great, and I mean that! ' }
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