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drawn in 1 hour with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Garth (Jun 3, 2004)
First time drawing here. Drew it for Anna to say thanks for that lovely windmill. I'm also gonna have to say sorry though, mostly for the poor quality.
Garth (edited Jun 3, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour
Anna (Jun 3, 2004)
:D!!!!!!! University of Texas Longhorns... the best! Good job. That's my favorite (the white) of all their jerseys! Thanks :)
starmarked (Jun 4, 2004)
Hi there, this is great not poor at all. It really looks like the real thing to me..! :)
davincipoppalag (Jun 4, 2004)
(((garthy!!!)) Good first pic! Good choice of subjects too.. ya made mizz anna smile! Good Boy
Thear (edited Jun 4, 2004)
welcome Garth! ^^ really nice looking shirt! good job!
ILoveKenshin (Jun 4, 2004)
I'm not much into sports, but that's cool! I like the way you made it look all realistic, and you even bothered to put a tag in!
Great first picture, and welcome to the site!

Garth (Jun 5, 2004)
You are all very kind :-) ((((Poppa)))) "mizz anna" ? lol. So there are at least 5 takers for shirts with different length sleeves...
*Develops a marketing plan* Thanks for the welcome :-)
emmamommalag (Jun 6, 2004)
This is great, Garthy.. glad to see you're drawing. (((Garthy)))
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