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drawn in 2 hours 15 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Doodlibop (Apr 6, 2004)
..Herrrr Boyfriend! The alien from the 5th galaxy across her own. She used to visit him alot, but then war struck on his planet and now she doesn't know where her lover boy is.


Doodlibop (Apr 6, 2004)
drawn in 18 min
Doodlibop (Apr 6, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 36 min
hmm not to shabby colour wise in my eyes...

I hope I can finish it

and I'm SO bad at backgrounds!!
Tuukke (Apr 6, 2004)
haha, lovely pic, and the name is awesome!!! the colours and linework are absolutely great! cool
method3 (Apr 6, 2004)
lol, woah there with the names and the aliens and the background story. Awesome alien dude person, I like it so far. Question, what are those things above her head?
bluesky (Apr 6, 2004)
omg ur so good!! that is AWESOME coloring, and i've always like your lineart style ^^
Doodlibop (Apr 6, 2004)
method: those are her cyborg parts Dinka and Donka. They look a little different for no apparent reason. (the original look is kind of like kirby's =P)
marcello (Apr 6, 2004)
are they mad? :)
DinoFlorist (Apr 6, 2004)
Wow, I like this a lot. I've liked a lot of your stuff, but this most.
KiwiKitsune (Apr 9, 2004)
o.O;; Whatever. But, this is cool! You're so talented!!! Unlike me...
SaheraNights (Apr 28, 2004)
I like it alot..its so ..heart warming! ^^
sal (Jun 10, 2004)
WoW... great pic... super colourin and line art... hope u finnish this soon.. 0_o
Doodlibop (Jun 24, 2004)
drawn in 21 min
why ask why when you can simply say yes?

I ...don't know why I said that...

but, it is finally complete. Whoopie.
sal (Jun 24, 2004)
nice to see this finnished... looks great...
Doodlibop (Jun 24, 2004)
thanks sal :)
davincipoppalag (Jun 24, 2004)
I love your coloring on this one!
Knockoff (Jun 24, 2004)
Wow, I like the shiny things that are flying above her. I agree, the coloring in this one is very nice. Her hair looks like cotton candy ;)
Childlike_Vampire (Jun 25, 2004)
Why ask anything? Don't ask, just accept.

This is a beyond fabulous picture, I'm such a great fan of your work Doodlibop. Plus that and I like saying your s/n out loud. The detail is awesome, the glowy bits rock my face off, and my favorite bits are her eyes and hair. Wonderful drawing. ^____^
TaCO (Oct 27, 2004)
O.O Coolness!!!!!!!!!!
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