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Wolfheart (Apr 4, 2004)
Hmm... this question dawned on me before I was going to start a drawing, while listening to Led Zeppelin (yes nothing to do with the topic), and I thought I'd share it with you good folks here. This may ahve already been discussed, but oh well, to the point: What is advanced?

There are many many many many, perhaps endless amounts of art styles, and some are similar, and some are complete opposites, but who is to say which ones are advanced quality? I mean, abstract art, some of Picasso's abstract works look very easily done, and some of them may have been, but is it considered advanced quality? If someone were to post a very simple piece of abstract art on the advanced board, would it stay? Is quality on these boards measured by realism? I've seen very few pictures on the advanced board that aren't realism. Or, is quality measured by color techniques, the composition of things in the piece, or something else? I've seen people say that anime/manga is a childish art form and not very advanced, I do not care for anime/manga that much but I do consider it advanced in some anime/manga. What do you consider to be "advanced" art?

Just thought I'd ask some of you, you may think it's a stupid question, but it's something to ponder on.
marcello (Apr 4, 2004)
advanced is quite well defined as not being very defined at all. the most formal definitions for 2draw can be found in the docs.
one of the recommendations for measuring is related to the amount of time that goes into a piece. In general pieces with less than 2 hours clocked will not stay around long...

in retrospect, I have gotten a bit lax on the advanced board, and I should probably go on a moving spree to downgrade stuff to intermediate...
Wolfheart (edited Apr 4, 2004)
but not just on 2draw, everywhere. Some have said what you get out of the picture is what determines whether it's advanced or not. So, if a great artist, like Frank Frazetta were to draw up a 2 minute sketch, not very detailed, lots of people can do better, but a message is recieved. Say the picture was of slavery, and the message we recieve is of the evil of slavery and it moves us, is that advanced? Say a great piece is drawn, painted, and placed in a museum, and not many peopel can come close to it's level of detail and amount of work, but the message you recieve is confusing and you aren't entirely sure what it is about, then is it advanced?

EDIT: And some pieces of work, like most on here (not to be mean or anything), say nothing. Some are just a portrait or fanart. These don't really give the audience a message, besides "Oh this is great!", "Oh this sucks..." etc.. Are these considered advanced?

EDIT AGAIN: And some portraits do express something, not to put down portrait artists...
marcello (Apr 4, 2004)
well, being advanced and giving a message are separate issues, in my mind. I think the ability to portray ideas, emotion, and message is an important part of a piece, and yes, if you can do both that and have good control over the more technical aspects of drawing, you will be/are a great artist.

personally I think I need a lot more practice with the technical side of drawing before I can convincingly put that across.

But again, there are some people try to bullshit that crap (read: art school) without really being good at anything. there is a lot of meaningless art out there, and here.
Marienkind (edited Apr 4, 2004)
now, another thing about advanced. is the difference between technical skill and vision considered? it's all well and good when you are proficient with technical aspects of art (lighting, proportion, etc), but sometimes a picture really can't be considered yours if ou just copy pasted it from somewhere. it's like singing a really good song; your voice may be good, but in the end, it's not your song and it wasn't your feelings that propelled it.

eh, i'm a talentless peon when it comes to art, though. that's just my two cents.
method3 (Apr 4, 2004)
Advanced board sux0rz.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Apr 4, 2004)
advanced: 1. placed ahead or forward 2. beyond the beginning, elementary, or intermediate 3. far or further along in progress, development, or growth 4. of or embodying modern, enlightened, or liberal ideas 5. far along in time

So basically, if you are old, have big feet, your wisdom teeth, are hip and happenin', or it takes you a long time to do a drawing, I guess you qualify to draw in advanced. :)
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