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kaT (edited Nov 10, 2002)
I have a dream...i mean, idea. a game where one person makes one frame of a comic, or comic page, or what ever, and then another person comes along and creates the next frame. this goes on following some sort of a "story line" that evolves with each new frame until a end is reached, it gets old/boring, or some other game ending occurence occurs. if any one else has heard of this, good, you know what i'm talking about. so, anyone up for a game? would Mr. Marcello like to interject in his most fashionable way? do i have any more questions?
marcello (edited Nov 10, 2002)
It's an interesting, and similar things have been done (thought I doubt with games). I'd suggest having a solid foundation/starting point for the game however. It seems that something like this would be best suited for an adventure game that can have different gameplay styles across the game...
Otherwise you'd make some kind of engine (platform, rpg, whatever), and use that throughout the game, and have the levels/maps be the contributed part of the game...
It's an interesting idea though, I wonder how hard it'd be to make an adventure game of some sort with levels made by individuals...

Anywaaaay...have fun!
kaT (edited Nov 11, 2002)
first of all, i think you misunderstood me. second, what are you talking about. and third, who's up for this on the pubilc:regular board?

[Marcello to kaT's office at the end of the period]
marcello (edited Nov 12, 2002)
Hahahaha I completely misread your entire message in a moment of insanity (and a lot of homework I was procrastinating from). Both what I thought you said and what you did say are good ideas though. :-)
kaT (edited Nov 12, 2002)
i know exactly what j00 mean. i do that myself quite a bit. even in school. I guess it's up to me to start.
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