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Crunchy Frog
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Snoozy27 (Oct 23, 2002) — edit
Whee. Some kind of elven thing. The colors! The colors!
*has seizures*
Snoozy27 (Oct 23, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
OtaruIkari (edited Oct 24, 2002)
Now this is pretty cool, something that you kinda get when you read Heavy Metal.
rydicanubis (edited Oct 24, 2002) *_*
17 hours, i have not the patience of you
marcello (edited Oct 25, 2002)
Er, the 17 hours ago thing was probably when it was posted (says 1 day 14hrs ago, now), the part next to it that says "3hrs 9sec" is the time the image took to make... still fooking long!
Sjekkie (edited Oct 30, 2002)
nice 1
Fin_beast (Oct 7, 2003)
It's very good.....but showcase material?
Deformed (Feb 2, 2004)
riding his noble steed throgh the woods.
bumpinthenight (May 25, 2004)
I like this... However, some of the lines of the dragon arent quite up to par with the lines of the elf dude... They seem... Unpolished somehow.... :P Oh well... Ignore me.... :P
davincipoppalag (Dec 18, 2018)
its back
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