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buffaww (Dec 14, 2023)
Hello0 everyone; I just got advice from a technical person at"Best Buy"that I should buy an I-Pad to draw and paint on online computer websites like and Pencil Madness,and (Im a member of has great software why would I want Photoshop?They said PS is really an art and photo graphic software.But you hook it up to your PRINTER.I GAVE UP ON HOME PRINTERS,the inkjet was lousy,tricky,expensive; then my black/white laser printer waas good but conked out.Home printers are no substitute for local printer shop cause the printouts must be GOOD,as they'd be for an early customer(I'm not charging much money for.)I hate managing home printersiThat is what I want advice for.:"What's with all the IPAD PUBLICITY? Is it the "final word"on art drawing-painting instead of our great websites software?"Years ago I got the Adobe(art software)that was supposed to be "so good."It was good for making traffic signs or maps or very low rate MECHANICAL stuff;art work,no.It was Adobe art software for PCs not Apple. I gave up on it;your online software is BETTER;CHICKENSMOOTHIE had great software from the start.--Even pencil madness is ok.My sister had advice to buy an IPAD FOR A PHONE,from her rich friends;she finally took it back to the store.-hated it/IS IPAD PUBLICITY REALLY NOT REAL/just publicity?Only for big professionals?I'm not any big professi8nal,just was to cheaply draw people's portraits again-not charge much.THANKS! :) --little person artist
bitbof (edited Dec 15, 2023)
iPads are cool for drawing, and a lot of artists (hobbyists & professionals) use them. You can relatively cheaply draw on a high performance device with a great screen and take it anywhere. However, drawing websites will work less well than they do on a computer. It's a device designed around apps, not web browsing so much.

It's also totally valid to draw on a computer with a drawing tablet. I'd say the majority of the digital art community uses this option. If you care about portability, there are also laptops which can fold their screen back and have stylus support, so you draw on the screen sorta like it's an iPad.
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