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drawn in 3 hours 1 min with Chicken Paint
elly (Jun 7, 2023)
I wanted to honor and remember our friend, Dave who was always here to comment on any and all of our work and he was genuine about it! Will you join me? RIP Dave, Hugs for Lori <3
elly (Jun 7, 2023)
drawn in 3 hours 1 min
mudbutt (Jun 7, 2023)
This is a beautiful tribute! I'd like to make a painting for him too. He was such a huge part of this site!
elly (Jun 8, 2023)
Anyone touched by Dave's happiness should draw a piece in his honor! Can't wait to see yours mudbutt!!!
Rosemary (Jun 12, 2023)
Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful tribute..
I’ve been thinking of what to draw for him for a while.. a rhododendron in my garden is flowering this week that I remember talking to him about.. living by the sea I see the boats and lighthouse and think of him.. and of course birds that I know we both loved to draw ..will always miss Dave here
elly (Jun 12, 2023)
luv2 (Jun 16, 2023)
So pretty Elly, Dave would love it! I did do a draw when Dave was MIA and was worried about him.
I didn't love my draw, but maybe I can try again. When? I'm pretty busy but will try when time allows.
Dave was kind, encouraging and informative. I had so many questions as a newbie.
I can't imagine the hurt you seasoned artists feel from your longtime friend passing.
So sad.
elly (Jun 16, 2023)
Thank you for that, luv2. Great to see you!
dingaling (Jul 4, 2023)
It's beautiful Elly. I wish I could come up with something... I will eventually but I'm still too depressed. My drawing skills are majorly rusty right now, ugh.
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