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susu (edited May 18, 2023)
Hello, spooky scary collaborators! While we have a theme for this draw, we need more of an idea/ outline. What type of theme/thing were you guys thinking? I was thinking of a few cute trick-or-treaters, being followed by nightmare monsters. That's just my taste, I want to hear yours! Also, say what you want to draw on this forum post, please! Maybe you can sketch what you want to draw on the post board, idk.
RUSSIANFOXX (May 18, 2023)
*thinks in russian* Maybe we could put peoples ocs in like costumes of their choice idk.
Frostbearaaa (edited May 18, 2023)
Maybe we can draw our characters telling scary stories I think that might be fun
susu (May 23, 2023)
Oky dokeey Iy likey bothy youry ideasy. Iy willy makey they posty soony. Whaty shouldy they sizey bey?
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