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marcello (Mar 19, 2023)
A few months in the works, but I finally moved over to a new server (and fixed a lot of little bugs in the process). It might take a day or two for everything to switch over.

Again, let me know if anything looks weird.
susu (edited Mar 26, 2023)
The "edit profile" seems to be offline. Thank you Marcello! Also, the new collaboration thingamabob looks amazing!
marcello-test2023 (Mar 26, 2023)
okay I think I've fixed edit profile now
susu (Mar 27, 2023)
Indeed you have Mr. Marcello.
Felistorm (May 8, 2023)
So happy to see you Marcello! No matter what apps etc I try I always come back here it will always be my fave.
scarletamou (edited Aug 3, 2023)
Wraith (Aug 5, 2023)
Hello Marcello.. Glad to see you still care for your website and did not totally abandon it. But Lascaux Sketch Classic is not working for me.. Says something about Java error.
shell (Jun 20, 2024)
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