boardscollaborationsOc's collaboration! <Unfinished>
100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 6 min with Chicken Paint
SidLovesArt11 (Dec 5, 2022)
Comment or memo me and I'll let you join! Note, 1/4 spaces left.
SidLovesArt11 (Dec 5, 2022)
drawn in 6 min
Frostbearaaa (Dec 8, 2022)
can i join the collab?
SidLovesArt11 (edited Dec 12, 2022)
Yeah! Edit, how do I add you?
susu (Dec 12, 2022)
Kool! I'll add on.
SidLovesArt11 (Dec 12, 2022)
How do I add people?
Frostbearaaa (edited Dec 13, 2022)
go to modify users copy and paste our names to add us
susu (Dec 13, 2022)
yeaaah smtn like that
SidLovesArt11 (Dec 13, 2022)
Ok, thanks!
susu (Dec 30, 2022)
i still dont think I can draw on this
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