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drawn in 10 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Nov 12, 2022)
Forum post
Characters to draw:
Anya Forger- (Not chosen)
Yor/Thorn Princess- (Not chosen)
Background- Frostberaaa
Comment who you would like to draw and memo me if you have any questions.
yellow.nutella (Nov 12, 2022)
drawn in 10 min
Frostbearaaa (Nov 12, 2022)
Background... Sounds easy I know how to draw backgrounds
yellow.nutella (edited 15 days ago)
That's great, here's the reference picture if you hadn't seen it already, you can also add you own pizzaz if you'd like: Reference
Frostbearaaa (Nov 12, 2022)
I never said i wanted to butttt I'll take it
yellow.nutella (edited Nov 12, 2022)
Oh no sorry thought you did. I'll take you oof if you don't want to, no prob.
Frostbearaaa (Nov 12, 2022)
Nope i still want to do the background it's the easiest thing
yellow.nutella (15 days ago)
One more to go!
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