boardsintermediatemy OC, appalachian or appa for short
100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 38 min with Kleki
charliDrawsdragons (Oct 29, 2022)
Just her, vibing and looking up at something that she seems to think is cool
Oops, I accidentally put it in the advanced section thing. Is there any way to change it?
charliDrawsdragons (Oct 29, 2022)
drawn in 38 min
Frostbearaaa (Oct 29, 2022)
Ooooo prettyyy
yellow.nutella (Oct 30, 2022)
I love her design! And star eyes! I know it's not entirely hers', but do happen to know/ be inspired by Lavendertowne?
charliDrawsdragons (Oct 30, 2022)
Is it possible to reply on this site? to the first comment, thanks, and to the second comment, thanks and no to your question
Frostbearaaa (Oct 30, 2022)
Ohh your welcome-
yellow.nutella (Oct 30, 2022)
@charliDragons, oh that's too bad, still very nice piece.
charliDrawsdragons (Oct 31, 2022)
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