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yellow.nutella (15 days ago)
Good day to anyone and everyone,

I have come the this forum with one goal in mind: Make a grand creepy collaboration with all who wish to join.
I, myself, am not experienced in that area of expertise, but those who are may join and assist the rest like me. You don't have to draw if uncomfortable, for this journey shall be public therefore you may comment tips and tricks to help everyone advance. We may discuss ideas down here below and together we shall craft the most scariest, chilling creepy piece of art this site has seen!

*Ahem*, I went a bit overboard. Excuse me.
Let's make a creepy collab with the whole site if plausible. If you don't want to join, it's fine though, I want this to be interactable with everyone who wants to. Once we get a few ideas down and people who would like to join, I'll make the canvas and add those who wish to participate. And if for some reason you want to be taken off, I will try and find a way.

I know it might not be the biggest collaboration on this site, considering how many users are online today and whatnot, but if you can take the time and jot down something below, I would really appreciate it.

As always thank you and have a nice day.

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