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elly (Feb 13, 2022)
So I finally got my 1st book published! It's available from Amazon KDP ebook! The paperback will come out in the near future. Check it out!
davincipoppalag (edited Feb 14, 2022)
How cool I bought a copy O:)
elly (edited Feb 16, 2022)
Alright Dave! I appreciate it! The paperback is out and I just got my author copies today! Book no 2 comes out next week!
davincipoppalag (Feb 17, 2022)
The book came today its wonderful!!!
luv2 (Feb 18, 2022)
Congrats Elly!
elly (edited Feb 23, 2022)
This is for all the ladies of 2draw! I have a new store that sells apparel & accessories featuring my abstract art! The fabric used is high class as are all the clothing designs. I'm trying everything I can think of to get this out there!! Check it out and support your artist friends!!
luv2 (Feb 24, 2022)
Pretty cool, love the water designs.
Congrats again Elly!

elly (Mar 1, 2022)
Book #2 is supposed to come out this week but tomorrow is Wed and I haven't heard from my publisher this week yet..ugh. I can't wait to get it out there!
dingaling (Mar 15, 2022)
You've certainly been busy with all your endeavors lately.... I hope you're making some money with it all! It's hard making money when you're an artist.
elly (Mar 16, 2022)
You're right dinaling! It's a tough world out there! I'm not giving up though! My 2nd book was released yesterday!
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