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drawn in 5 hours 12 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
luv2 (Dec 27, 2021)
Okay, I'm done with this bird, he's making me angry. lol
Of course, I'm not happy with outcome but time spent has exceeded my patience.
Interesting trying to learn this applet, and I believe it's one I can improve with the more I test. Spent a lot playing with brushes and opacity.
Does anyone know how to control size with the handy e-pen brush, it seems to have only one size.
It has a lot of room to play with, although not as easy as chicken paint or Kleki, but still interesting to learn.
luv2 (Dec 27, 2021)
drawn in 1 hour 52 min
luv2 (Dec 28, 2021)
drawn in 32 min
luv2 (Dec 28, 2021)
drawn in 2 hours 47 min
davincipoppalag (Dec 28, 2021)
excellent work.. I prefer classic lascaux.. everything is intuitive.. but. thats me.. lol
elly (Dec 28, 2021)
I believe your patience paid off with this one!!! Love your textures! I've tried lascaux several times but find it doesn't behave for me the way that it should so I stick with chickenpaint mostly. Keep it up my friend!
luv2 (Dec 28, 2021)
Thanks David and Elly. ツ
This was done on Oekaki Shi-Painter. The e-pen has maybe five different texture brushes, but I couldn't find or see how to manipulate the size.
I draw with a mouse so maybe I'm limited; I don't know?
It's an interesting app to try for sure!
davincipoppalag (Dec 28, 2021)
I coiuld never figure that applet out.. you've done a great picture with that particularly with a MOUSE!~
-X- (Dec 29, 2021)
I knew this was yours before clicking on it and seeing your name! Fabulous what you manage to do while learning a new program! ;)
elly (Dec 29, 2021)
I can only imagine what you could do with a stylus O_O
luv2 (Dec 29, 2021)
David and Elly do most use a stylus? I never had one, considered with my newer ipad but last art sight I was on it didn't recognize ipad users.
I just use my desktop pc.
Nice to see my friend X stop in, hope to see your art here soon.
davincipoppalag (Dec 29, 2021)
Yes.. I have one.. but i draw on a laptop..I did some early ones with a mouse but i got such carpal tunnel pain I had to get a tablet
luv2 (Dec 30, 2021)
Unfortunately, I could be harming my hand as well. Sometimes it hurts.
Rosemary (Dec 30, 2021)
Absolutely wonderful drawing …I started out drawing here years ago with just my mouse on my a small fairly cheap graphics tablet but didn’t get along with it ..years later my other half gifted me a big a4 size Wacom tablet to use with my desktop computer and I soon learnt to love it ..then I injured my back and found it hard to sit at the desk so long.. I mainly do digital art now on my Wacom cintiq tablet computer with stylus or with my iPad and stylus ..iPad is more portable and I can take it for walks and draw but the apps seem more glitchy on there than on my computer
luv2 (Dec 30, 2021)
Thanks, Rosemary, for the info. So I can use my iPad on this site. Do use a stylus or the iPad mechanical pencil. If it's glitchy I imagine it's not worth
investing in one. I always enjoy hearing what people draw on specifically, so I appreciate the info. ツ
Rosemary (Dec 30, 2021)
I use the iPad pencil’s very much worth it in my opinion..the pressure sensitivity and lack of hand cramps is worth it at least! and it works perfectly with most that I e trued tho I find the pressure settings slightly glitchy with Lascaux sketch (which is a shame as that is my favourite to use)
davincipoppalag (Dec 30, 2021)
mine is one no longer made.. its a Wacom CTE440 I have had it for years. Marcello the site creator and owner got pressure sensitivity to work here not sure it still does
luv2 (Dec 30, 2021)
Thanks David, I definitely will hang onto this info. Always interesting to see how others day.
Updated to a new PC and iPad last year, so maybe a pencil.
Will have to test drawing on iPad here after I try all apps and get a good feel for the tools and best use. ツ
davincipoppalag (Dec 31, 2021)
I think the pressure thing here was the JTablet thing.. but It may have been an add-0n to the Java format..I never used it..but many did..
luv2 (Jan 1, 2022)
I'll have to investigate tablets and drawing. thanks, ツ
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