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drawn in 6 hours 40 min with Kleki
luv2 (Dec 4, 2021)
Interesting to try the new tools with this drawing app.
Had this window open since morning drawing on and off and I just got tired of it.
luv2 (Dec 4, 2021)
drawn in 6 hours 40 min
davincipoppalag (Dec 4, 2021)
aweseome piece!
luv2 (Dec 6, 2021)
Thanks Dave, I did peek at your gallery.
Very nice and diverse art.
Any tips for a newbie, doesn't look like many users here.
davincipoppalag (Dec 6, 2021)
used to be a ton..then java wouldnt work for quite a while ..then marcello discoverd a work around to make it go.. and voila its back.. little by little some of the old crowd are coming by.. and some good new users, such as yourself!, are discovering us.. my preferred applet is the classic lascaux because all the tools are laid out already... most of the new folks are using Kleki or Chicken paint. .neither of which I can figure out lol.. anyway..thanks.. and welcome!//
luv2 (Dec 6, 2021)
Thanks for info Dave, I do look forward to using all the drawing apps.
One more question, when I draw, I normally leave a window up and work on and off on a drawing.
Here there is a clock and from my brief browsing around, does everyone try to save drawings at different intervals to show progress on drawing?
I see there isn't a speed replay is that the reason for saving at different stages. Also do all apps have that feature to save unfinished work to complete later.
Thanks for your time.
davincipoppalag (Dec 7, 2021)
I dont pay much attention to the timer.. I do save what I've done when I need to stop and rest or do something else.. I save as unfinished, hidden.. a lot of the newbies publish their unfinished work.. its not supposed to be that way.All the apps have the save as unfinished , hidden featurel All the apps have the timer..only a couple have the replay feature. ..classic lascaux does not have that 'animation' feature
Rosemary (Dec 7, 2021)
Absolutely wonderful work
I don’t pay much attention to timer either and as to saving the drawing multiple times..I live in rural Scotland and my internet connection isn’t very reliable so I like a safety save now and then so I don’t lose my work ..I usually save unfinished- hidden until I’m finished unless I get stuck and I want some input or opinions from others
luv2 (Dec 7, 2021)
Thank you both for your comments on saving. Wow, Scotland, I had the pleasure to visit your beautiful country years ago.
elly (Dec 19, 2021)
Fascinating draw..such personality love it!
luv2 (Dec 22, 2021)
thanks elly
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