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drawn in 4 hours 50 min with Chicken Paint
luv2 (Dec 1, 2021)
Did use a ref although it differs quite a bit.
First draw here, wasn't sure which drawing app to start with.
Trying to get a feel for the tools.
luv2 (Dec 1, 2021)
drawn in 4 hours 50 min
davincipoppalag (edited Dec 1, 2021)
lovely work!! give classic lascaux a shot the tools are all pretty much laid out and obvious...
Rosemary (Dec 2, 2021)
Gorgeous work! Welcome to the site..hope we get to see more of your art 😊
luv2 (Dec 4, 2021)
Thank you davincipoppalag , I look forward to trying all the drawing apps. Thanks Rosemary for the welcome. ツ
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